Xbox E3 2016: A Quick Recap

For many beloved fans, their dreams came true on June 13, 2016 when Xbox head Phil Spencer announced all of the new features coming to Xbox and Microsoft. One of the main points of the event was when he spoke on Xbox bringing Xbox Live to every device imaginable, such as, PC, phone, VR and much more. There is a new feature called Xbox Play Anywhere that lets players purchase a game and be able to play it on a Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. It will keep up with your current progress in games as well as game saves and achievements.

There has been an all new lineup added that includes many new console devices. The Xbox One S is a newer, sleeker counterpart to the original, being able to house an internal power supply and support 4K T.V. There are two available variants of the One S. A 500 GB version is selling for $299 and a TB version for $349. A limited edition 2 TB console will be available at a price of $399. This will give even the most hardcore gamers’ plenty of sorage space for there games and add-ons. Next, a new system known as “Project Scorpio” will make its debut in the holiday season of 2017. It will have 6 teraflops of GPU and be 4K enabled and have virtual reality gaming included.

A new controller has dropped as well, coming with a better grip and sleek, white design. It comes equipped with a bluetooth radio for easy connection to a Windows 10 PC and even tablets. It will sell for $59.99. A new add-on to the Xbox website is Xbox Design Labs. This allows you to come up with millions of variations for your own personal controller. You can customize the D-pad, ABXY buttons and joysticks with it. A limited edition Xbox Elite Wireless Controller for Gears of War 4 drops with custom claw marks and weathered design to show a confrontation with The Swarm.

Many other features on Xbox Live that have been included allow gamers to connect with each other more. Clubs allow you to create your own communities of people who have similar interests and play style. Looking for Group helps you seek out players to jump into multiplayer matches quicker. Arena is a new tournament style platform that allows any player to challenge each other. You can sign up for tournaments and win prizes and bragging rights.

Cross-play is a way to allow gamers fro Windows 10 devices to challenge players on Xbox One devices and new games coming out will support this play-style. Cortana will become a part of Xbox One and be of assistance on Windows 10 devices and help in game-scenarios as well. With the monthly Xbox updates, a handful of the top PC games will become available on Xbox Live, also allowing you to see what your friends are playing

There are many new games coming to Xbox One soon. They will be independent, blockbusters and exclusive games.

Some of them include:
Battlefield 1
Dead Rising 4
Final Fantasy XV
Forza Horizon 3
Gears of War 4
Halo Wars 2
Sea of Thieves…and many more!

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